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America’s Most Wanted Recipes: Secret Recipes from Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants by Ron Douglas

September 14, 2009

This week I will review America’s Most Wanted Recipes: Secret Recipes from Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants by Ron Douglas.

As part of a promotion, we were asked to pick one recipe from this book, make the dish and compare it with the “real” restaurant’s dish. As I went through the many recipes, I found Panera Bread’s broccoli cheese soup – my favorite!

The recipe was very easy to follow and inexpensive to make. My wonderful husband helped as I’m still on the mend from some surgery I had on my hand earlier this week.

When the soup was done, we sat down and had our taste test between Panera Bread’s soup and our home made batch.

We had three people take part in the taste test – My husband, our friend Pete, and I. Pete actually believed the recipe in the book was better. He liked the recipe from Ron Douglas’ book because it had more of a kick and felt that the broccoli taste was not as overwhelming. My husband Andy and I thought that it might have been better to precook the broccoli before adding to the soup and use a milder cheddar instead of the sharp cheddar.

America's Most Wanted Recipes


Welcome to my Blog!

August 22, 2009

42-16958635My name is Mandi and I am a cook book addict. My wonderful husband started my obsession about six years ago when he got a job with a book publisher. He started bringing me home cook books and I have gathered quite a collection!

Learning to cook has always held an interest for me. My dad can cook anything and I always saw cooking as a way to express love.

I love to open a cookbook and go through all the recipes with my husband Andy. This blog will feature commentary on cookbooks and their recipes.

I am a busy mom to an adorable 2 year old boy. I work as a nanny/personal assistant for a busy single mom (who also loves to cook). I enjoy finding recipes and cookbooks, and plan on blogging my success and failures.

My cookbooks range from a Christmas around the World cookbook to a how-to cookbook on baby purees. I do have a couple standbys (or should I call them stand outs) that have never let me down.